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About Fuelware

A cloud based software application designed with an objective
to provide end to end solution to dealer for Fuel Outlet management; wherein outlet can be managed remotely.

It has modules for Dealer, Manager & Cashier for carrying out their respective operations efficiently.

Problems Faced

  • Time Consuming

    All the reports are prepared manually which is time consuming and documentation is also cumbersome.

Fuelware Solution

  • Automated reports.

    All reports are automated which helps maintenance easier and also saves time on the part of all the involved entities.

  • No Standardization

    There is no standardization as different people follow different patterns.

  • Standard Process followed.

    There is a standard process to be followed which makes it easy to interpret the reports.

  • Less Reliability

    Manual reporting leads to more human errors and in turn leads to less reliability (also fraud).

  • Human errors eradicated.

    Automation of reports discards human errors and also related fraud.

  • High Governance for Transparency

    Owner of the outlet does not have direct control on the operations and cannot catch mismanagement of funds, if any. Also, he has to physically supervise the outlet on regular basis which is time consuming.

  • Low Governance for Transparency.

    Software governs the entire outlet management. Owner has control over all the operations remotely from anywhere anytime and hence transparency is assured.

  • Usage of multiple outdated applications.

    Multiple outdated utility desktop applications with Fuelware is a single cloud based solution for fuel limited functionality are being used to run a single outlet. Also, further enhancement and upgradation is a big challenge.

  • Fuelware is a single cloud based solution for fuel outlets which runs on latest technology. The software can be easily enhanced and upgraded without affecting ongoing operations of the outlet.

  • High Manpower

    Too many employees are required to carry out the operations as multiple applications are being used;which lead to increased cost & mismanagement.

  • Less Manpower.

    Single software encompasses entire outlet management & manpower required to carry out the operations is reduced; leading to decreased cost.

    No Credit Customer Management

    A receipt (Indent) book is maintained by Credit customers for their vehicles which is prone to human errors and also fraud. Also, there is no method to blacklist defaulting credit customers.

    Credit Customer Management.

    Credit customer management solution brings all the credit customers in a centralized system (PAN India) and will make management of these credit customers easy. It also eradicates the fraud and manual documentation.

  • High operation cost.

    All the above mentioned problems lead to high cost due to multiple utility applications, too many employees to manage, purchase of stationeries,frauds etc.

  • Less operation Cost.

    It manages the entire outlet with comparatively less manpower, electronic records & reports and transparency which avoids frauds. These features highly reduce the running cost of the outlets.


  • User friendly Digital method.
  • Effective and Simplified Management.
  • Smarter Auto calculations.
  • Reduced Human Efforts & Save Money.
  • Communication via system.
  • Pro active performance.
  • Robust system enables auto updating & effortless evaluation.
  • Hierarchy wise multi-communication between modules.
  • Reduce Frauds and Increase better governance of the outlet.
  • Transparency of Outlet Activities.
  • Interlinking Outlet and its credit customers into single loop via E-Indents.
  • Effective and Simplified Management.
  • Effectively handle credit customers.
  • Easy solution to stop fraud between driver and outlet employees.
  • Know the status of crucial data just by a glance on the visual graphs.
  • Reduce expenditure on Human Resource.
  • Cost cutting by removing ineffective software's which are used in single task only.
  • Save money by using electronic Invoice, Indent, Bill book, receipt book.
  • Get real time crucial checks of your outlet from anywhere and anytime instantly.

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